• Downward-facing Roaster

    Smoke is directly sucked in thanks to the introduction of an environment-friendly ventilation system, perfectly preventing the smell of meat from permeating one’s clothes while it also minimizes the amount of micro dust in the air.
  • A convenient storage area

    A storage area to keep personal belonging is provided under each seat at the table.
  • A smartphone charger for each table

    A smartphone charger cable is provided at each table so you can easily charge your phone.
  • A bamboo garden for smokers

    By providing a separate smoking area, we have resolved the stress surrounding smoking areas.
  • Installation of a heating and cooling system

    We provide a pleasant dining environment not only during hot summers but also during cold winters.
  • Installation of large UHD TVs

    Large UHD TVs are installed all over the restaurant, allowing customers to vividly watch sports events.
  • High chairs for small children

    High chairs are provided for small children, allowing you to safely and comfortably enjoy your meal.
  • BPA FREE water bottles

    We think of the safety and health starting with the drinking water as we use BPA FREE water bottles.
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